Willy Koenen

Willy Koenen (1961) has always been concerned with discovering, wanting to understand and connecting.

He is consciously active in life and has a strong need to raise awareness of how we live and can live in society. He creates this awareness through sharing his art and design.

What kind of art and design? Material etc / How do you communicate that message?

Because we have the free will and the power to do business. It is up to us to do what we consider desirable.
And that is the question: what do we think together with all people is desirable?

Living in Love here and now

"Feel the inner fire and be aware of yourself, for a loving connection with yourself and the other"

Willy mixes the spiritual with the art of light. In the light boxes houses reflected on the wonderful luminous plates that come out at nightfall. Every paper has a meaning and a purpose. For example, the pieces of work have been mixed up in all kinds of ways.

Live and create

Creation - Light painting

Where are we created from? And how is life in Love possible?


Believe - Light painting

What do I believe in? What am I guided by?

Life fountain - Combined light water and tree art

Water and Light source of our life. What am I deeply?


path to heaven - Combined light and tree art

Is my life finite? Your soul, my soul, gathered together in the Light.

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