Stook Porcelain Jewelry

Jewelry Design

STOOK is a porcelain jewelry line designed by Mianne de Vries.
With the love for the porcelain material, she created this unique jewelry collection. You have to wear jewelry with love, which is why she has chosen the beautiful material Porcelain.

Unique jewelry that you can wear in different ways and brooches that put a smile on your face.

Pin A Party Confetti+flags STOOK jewelry

PIN A PARTY pins | Pin this balloon, confetti or flags on your outfit and always wear a small party with you!

Play Ear Portret in jeans STOOK porcelain jewelry

PLAY Earings | Wear these earrings the way you want! With this switch system you can make more than 10 combinations with one earrings set.


block Eating Spagetti necklaces STOOK porcelain jewelry

BLOCK Neckless | The block neckless consist of separate blocks in a Gradient. Wear 1 block or go for the entire set!


pin collection Ice cream STOOK porcelain jewelry

PIN collection | Pimp your outfit with one of these unique brooches & pins! You can choose from different sweets, fruit and more! Look for another card with the best quote.

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