Rinke Baaima

Rinke is always full of passion and looking for new ideas. He gets his inspiration from nature and environment.

Rinke uses his architectural knowledge in his creations. He reinforces his robust constructions with different colors and lines in epoxy lacquer and acrylic one with color pigment in combination with glass fibre fabric.

He also makes organic sculptures that present color and movement in abstract form. He gets inspired by natural forms. Rinke models the images on the computer, where the limitlessness of the form is infinitely large.

Full of enthusiasm

Rinke uses contemporary events that he converts into splashing metaphors and beautiful constructions. As he puts it himself; "Everyone is charged daily and the intention is not to collapse."

Because of his architectural background, he uses different materials that lead to the robust works that can be admired in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis. He looks for the balance of tension and load. He also uses 3D printing. With this he makes small images and he has also crowned sight as a jewelry maker.

The works of Rinke vary and give a visual image of his artistic brain that works on canvas and with images. For more impressions about his works, look at Rinke's instagram and let his art inspire you.

Rinke's work

Bottom: Coffee table

An organic sculpture made of epoxy with a tempered glass tabletop


Right: Bumble bee

Organic image that may be viewed from all angles and edges. Acrylic one was used here.


Left: Remains of a past

Mixed media paintings that work with epoxy and acrylic.

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