Marian Williams


Marian Williams is a visual artist living and working in France.
Born in 1962 (Retro) in Rotterdam (Fantastic), she has been passionate about vintage print material since she can remember.
This passion is expressed in her works, in collage, paint and 3D recycle art.
The most common theme is the emancipation of women and the preservation of the environment and peace.
Influenced by pop art, surrealism and dada, Marian produces committed work, colorful and with a touch of humor here and there.

My work is a reflection of the struggle for maintaining our climate, peace, emancipation and social equality ... but then colorful and with a touch of humor.

'Operation Crossroads’ is a transfer collage edited with paint, glue, pastels and felt-tip pen.
The work portrays two ladies at a photo session during Operation Crossroads; July 25, 1946, the day the Baker atom bomb was tested.
The background is Bikini Atoll where the second test bomb, known as Helen or Bikini, exploded underwater.
Radioactive sea water caused widespread contamination.

"Man" is a transfer collage edited with paint, glue, pastels and felt-tip pen.
In this work a young woman is depicted against a press article as a background.
The article is from Look Magazine 1967 and argues for the return of the man at the head of the family.

'Fantastic Plastic' is a transfer collage on which two 'Tupperware Twins' women are depicted.
The background speaks of new plasters, with plastic.
Plastic has also changed shopping; in cellophane the products can be seen and hermetically displayed.
From Tupperware to cellophane…. plastic was the future, plastic was fantastic!

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