Hester van Eeghen

In the heart of Amsterdam you’ll find Hester van Eeghen’s three shops. Since 1987 customers from all over the world have treasured her designs.


Upon entering one of her boutiques there’s an immediate burst of colours, beauty, and whimsiness that will bedazzle you. Each piece tells of Hester’s fascinations and passions. They tell stories about her love for architecture, theatre, and film. Other designs reflect her childhood, travels, and the charms of everyday life. 


Hester goes to great lengths to make loving her work easy. The ever-present smell of leather hints at the very best materials that are chosen. Holding and handling her work will reveal the craftsmanship and that it’s all designed in Amsterdam and handcrafted in Italy.

My Motto

As a designer I explore the boundaries within my field of work, in shape, colour and types of material. Playing with form and structures by molding and shaping the leather,

surprising myself and others with the outcomes.

Beauty, function and quality must always be included in the entire design process.

Light a fire under all of them

The chosen theme “Fire” has a broad interpretation:

physical, mental, figurative and symbolic.

In its physical form it provides warmth, glow, destruction, intoxication and in its spiritualized form it symbolizes inspiration, instinct, enthusiasm, passion, courage and surrender.

I can also see the positive side of fire; although it can go in a destructive direction, destruction always offers an opportunity for renewal. And renewal is a topic that will always be challenging for a designer.

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