Corine van Voorbergen

Corine van Voorbergen is a Collectable Design Artist that works with her intuition. Central to her work is the idea of eternal movement and this is represented in the round art forms. Corine’s builds up her art with layers of different mediums and finishes with a layer of epoxy. The techniques Corine uses, the colours, visual depth, textures and natural flow all stimulate the beholder to reflect on what they see and feel.

Cast pearls

“The Soul of the Fire Goddess”. The face, inspired by the Sengen Japanese Fire Goddess can be seen within the translucent circular form suspended in the air. Mixed media and epoxy encased in a brass layered ring.

"Fire" and "Ash"

The two pieces are connected to one another but remain separate. Fire symbolizes the intense  passion and the power of the chemical reaction. Ash symbolizes the outcome, almost like a relic of the intense passion that came before. This is never the end, as from ash comes new life.

Mixed media, on plywood with epoxy, encased in a brass layered ring.

A penny for your thoughts

Her motto is to initiate thoughts and feelings by creating natural movements, visual depth and the use of colors.

In collaboration with Tosca, they have turned the story of this exhibition into a beautiful representation. Corine's works reinforce each other and are shining on our wall.

This worldly lady has her works hanging in several galleries around the world. Curious where her works have sent her? Then view her work on her website.

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