La Carambole

By Rita

My name is Rita and I make chocolate jewelry bonbons and teach people about the art of working with chocolate, at my small atelier in Amsterdam. During my workshops I tell the stories of the bean-to-bar movement starting from the seeds and the earth and ending with my elaborate, handcrafted products. My tools are colours, aromas, flavours, textures and miracles. My chocolates are meant to surprise and inspire. As much attention goes to the flavour and the filling of them as does to the unique look and the stories of people behind it.

Chocolate jewelry bonbons with human stories behind it

The Amazonian rainforest is on fire!  Cocoa trees are rainforest plants and the Amazonian region gifts our planet with oxygen but also with some of the finest wild cocoa beans. I would like to draw attention to the fires consuming the Amazonian for the sake of the expansion of unsustainable farming. It not only puts small-scale chocolate production in danger, but is also harmful for the future of our planet.

Who doesn't love Choco-art?

Are you also starting to see the beauty of these beautiful chocolates? We sell a luxurious gift box at our reception. Not only the eye is tempted, your taste buds will explode in a sea full of flavors.

Rita also provides courses and workshops. If you are interested, check out its website.

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