3rd of October 2019 - 3rd of February 2020

FOUR ELEMENTS 2018 - 2021

Just like for the earth and everything that lives on earth, the four elements will play the leading role in the D&A platform in the coming four years. The elements have been an important source of inspiration since ancient times and come to the fore in various forms in our lives. Since time immemorial, we also bring odes to the elements in various art forms. In short, the elements are everywhere, in us and around us! It is important to realize that we live with them every moment and are completely dependent on them. 2018 was declared the year of "Nederland Waterland" and Dutch Design Hotel Artemis was happy to help put this theme on the map. Now it's time to light light and passion.

Exhibition Fire

Artists and designers who propagate the element of fire are the life artists among us who, as transformational heroes, put their power into the world. As "true Dutch Designers", they dare to test new ways, methods, and materials that are transformed as explosions of passion into bold designs with a story.

The passionate Dutch Designer speaks:

“Flurries of ideas come up at all speed and are carried out with enthusiasm. My passion for creating is like the fiery beating of my heart, it cannot be extinguished! ”


During the "Fire" exhibition, the fire element heats the Dutch Design Hotel Artemis in various ways; it burns and crackles on the painted or woven canvas, for example, as a fiery light design that literally and figuratively lights up the hotel, up to the mythological fire goddess who very fashionably makes everyone's inner fire shine. It also burns in the form of light design, furniture designs or objects that are sharply and indelibly burned into your memory by sharp, clean lines. In short, you will see and feel how the Element incites fire to action that makes our lives dance in surrender. We are proud to promote this element through the art and design of various "Dutch Design" top talents in the new exhibition "Fire", which can be visited daily from 3 October 2019 to 3 February 2020.

Fire Food design

A special Fire Food design dish is daily available in restaurant-bar De Stijl.

Free entrance

The exhibition ‘Fire’ can be visited free of charge daily from October 3rd 2019 until February 3rd 2020 in Dutch Design Hotel Artemis, John M. Keynesplein 2 in Amsterdam.

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